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Boating Transfer System

Crew Lift has been specifically designed to enable people with restricted mobility to enjoy the pleasures of boating, giving them a safe and effective way to get on board. It has a guaranteed long life and can be mounted at dock-side, jetty or pontoon. The simple controls make it very easy to operate and provide a quick, comfortable and safe method of transfer. The Crewlift Davit System also provides a means for sailing clubs, marinas and marine service providers to achieve the level of access demanded by disability discrimination legislation.


  • Telescopic, extendable arm.
  • Lifts up to 160kg.
  • Marine grade hydraulic ram.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Hydraulic control system at accessible heights.
  • Fail-safe design.
  • Two security levels.
Crew Lift Working 3


The Crewlift system is safe, comfortable and easy to use.

Step 1: Lower the boom and attach the sling to the lifting seat.

Step 2 : Operate the pump handle and raise the boom.

Step 3: Swivel the davit to position the crew member over the boat.

Step 4: Lower the boom.


Commissioning an installed Crewlift Davit by Caley Marina is a mandatory requirement under our safety and quality systems. Commissioning consists of an inspection and sign-off. It also includes training and certification for up to four people.

This training is the bare minimum for safe Crewlift operation. Further instruction in using lifting equipment to move people who have disabilities can be obtained from Caley Marina or external agencies such as the RYA.

The cost of commissioning is included in the price of a single Crewlift Davit. Travel and accommodation expenses for a commissioning engineer are additional.


Full instructions for the installation of your Crewlift will be provided by Caley Marina. This work can be undertaken by our workshop, or any suitably qualified contractor.

Crewlift can be installed on any secure, fixed surface. Pontoons may require specific engineering; for this reason, Caley Marina has forged special partnerships with the major UK pontoon manufacturers. Please ask if you require help with installation.

Our price for installation depends on numerous factors and we supply quotes on a case-by-case basis.

Crewlift prices

This price list excludes VAT. It is for guidance only and may be subject to change. Please confirm all prices with your Crewlift representative before placing an order.

Crewlift Davit Assembly
Consists of all lifting machinery and load spreader bar. Price includes mandatory commissioning and initial user instruction. Excludes travel.
6 x Fixing Bolts
For fastening to concrete base.
PVC Cover
For protection and security. Can be padlocked (not included).
Pump Handle
For use as spare.
Security Box
Protects the pump assembly and effectively prohibits use. Padlock not included.
Lift Sling Small
Non-quilted with positioning handles. Sourced from Chiltern Invadex. Price subject to change.
Lift Sling Medium
As sling small
Lift Sling Large
As sling small
Wispa 12V Electric Hoist
Portable with Battery, Charger and Remote Control. Maximum lift is 130Kg. Sourced from Chiltern Invadex. Price subject to change.
Subject to survey and distance.