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Orkney Performance Boats


Orkney 440

Orkney-440 Performance Boat

The Orkney 440 is a perfect choice for those looking for a proper little sea boat that is light enough to launch and recover easily. The relatively high freeboard and wide beam give a deep secure cockpit and plenty of stability. Tough and rigid construction is achieved by utilising the buoyancy chambers a part of the structure. The resulting low weight enables the Orkney to plane with as little as 15hp.For serious fishing or family pleasure trips the 440 is the best choice of 14 footers.



Orkney 522


Tough, safe & versatile. The 522 can manage in rough seas yet is easy to tow and launch. The hull lines aid performance with excellent economy even with a modest sized outboard. Several features such as self draining cockpit, stable hull form, solid deck fittings & non slip surfaces give additional confidence when cruising off shore.
Compact dimensions and multi roller trailer make the 522 easy to park at home and launching/recovery a one man operation.