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Outboard Engine MaintenanceYamaha outboard maintenance

Your outboard motor has to work in the harshest conditions - heating up rapidly, regularly dunked in and out of the water, having to work hard at a moments notice before being left for long periods of time at the mercy of the elements.  It's a hard life, being an outboard motor.

So it's good to know that you can have your outboard motor serviced and repaired at Caley Marina.

Your engine will be looked after by technicians qualified to work on Yamaha outboard motors - they can talk to your engine using the latest diagnostic and tuning software.  These guys know how to handle old two-stroke and four-stroke motors and the latest fuel injected engines.

And not just Yamaha!

If you own an outboard made by other manufacturers such as Mercury, Johnson, Honda or Suzuki, we can service and repair those too!

Reward your outboard motor for all that reliable service it's given you this year!  Get it serviced at Caley Marina!


Call 01463 236539 to arrange your outboard motor servicing.