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Pioner BoatsPioner Boats

Caley Marina is the main UK importer of Pioner Boats from Norway.

We are very experienced in fitting out the hulls for a variety of rescue tasks, incorporating features such as outboard water jet drive, satellite navigation, control consoles and emergency lighting.  Specialist craft - for example the Pioner Multi - are supplied to Fire & Rescue Services, Police forces, Ambulance services and Coastguard units throughout the British Isles.

Manufactured using rotationally moulded polyethylene, these amazing boats have huge reserves of buoyancy, excellent sea keeping qualities and are 100% recyclable.  They're also very rugged, shrug off knocks, bumps and being left out in the sun or freezing cold.  They can last for a long, long time with no maintenance.

The new Pioner Boats 2015 catalogue is available to view and download by clicking the link below:

Pioner Boats 2015 catalogue 


The new Pioner Multi III is here!!

The Pioner Multi III is longer and wider than it's predecessor with even more flexible modular solutions for storage and steering. The newly designed catamaran like hull is more efficient and planes easily, offering better sea worthiness in rough weather.

Pioner Multi III with Caley Marina

Pioner Multi III with Caley Marina Pioner Multi III with Caley Marina

The Pioner Multi III will delight both the leisure and professional user alike.

Pioner boats have been so successful in the UK that we operate several websites to help you find the correct craft for your needs - whether you're a rescue professional or you're looking for a stable and reliable boat for your kids.

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