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Winterising Winter servicing requirments for your vessel

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We recommend that the annual service is completed in the Autumn at the same time as winterising.

Engine Winterise
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- Check antifreeze strength in engine (>50%)
- Run 50% antifreeze solution through raw water cooling side of engine

Annual Engine Service
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- Change oil and filter
- Change fuel filters
- Check impeller
- Check drive belt
- Check air filter (if fitted)
- Change anodes
- If Outdrive, change oil and anodes
- Tappets

Winterise Generator
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Domestic Winterise
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- Drain domestic fresh water system either by draining it to bilge and pumping out using bilge pump or running out of taps using pump
- Empty Calorifier by removing bottom hose
- Open all taps/shower to allow draining and look for hidden water traps
- Run antifreeze through shower pump
- Check for bilge pump type and antifreeze if necessary
- Pump antifreeze through the toilet
- Open and close any ball valves to empty void space
- Leave note at ignition "engine winterised do not start"

Additional services Caley Marina can provide

While your boat is laid up for winter you can have any of the following work carried out on your boat. Please tick the work you want to have carried out:

Additional Works

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Comment or other works
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