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Woodwork Repair

There is no finer sight than a beatifully varnished, clinker built boat taking to the water.  The craftsmanship!  The detail!  That wonderful "traditional" feel you only get from owning a wooden boat.

As long as it's looked after, wood on a boat works just fine.  Unfortunately, water and wood don't get on too well.  When the wood on your boat starts to suffer from the effects of weathering and water it becomes at best unsightly - at worst unserviceable, or even unsafe.

Fortunately, you can take advantage of the woodwork skills at Caley Marina.  Fashioning, shaping, preparing and protecting wooden hulls and superstructure are all part of a days work for our technicians.

Why not put their skills to the test on your wooden boat?

Call 01463 236539 to talk about your boat.