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Yamarin Centre Console

Yamarin 56 CC

A versatile boat for recreational use

Yamarin 56 CC is an intriguing new boat characterised by the large open deck space available in it.  This new recreational boat is intended for heavy use, designed particularly for trolling and short coastal voyages.  An indication of the boat's versatility and durability is the specially reinforced hull bottom featuring, amongst other things, a stainless steel keel as standard.

Yamarin 59 CC

Pleasure boating for many

The Yamarin 59CC is a big undecked boat with performance and handling characteristics to meet all requirements.  The high-quality steering console is completely new with a spacious chart table.  Passengers are seated comfortably in the aft and bow.  All equipment stay dry and safe in lockable storage compartments.  Fishermen will appreciate the engine well design which provides a mounting point for an auxiliary engine.

Large steering console adds to safety 
Although the steering console is large it leaves ample space for safe moving about the boat.  The boat has high sides and railings offer good support.  The driver easily finds a comfortable driving position with good foot support.

Yamarin 62 CCYamarin 62 CC

Undecked boats at their best

The driving pleasure offered by the Yamarin 62CC has surprised all.  A smartly designed windshield makes driving comfortable.  Large luxurious seats fold up providing good support when driving standing up.  The control cabin has ample space for navigation charts and electronic instruments.  Inside the console there is a chemical toilet and resting space for two persons.  The swimming platform is accessible through the rear gate.  The open space in the bow can be easily converted into an optional, elegant sunbathing deck.