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Compact fun in HT class

The new Yamarin 56 HT fulfils boaters' needs by offering all HT class features in a compact, streamlined package. An affordable choice for new boaters, ideal for boating expeditions and leisure use.

Yamarin 59 Hardtop


Fresh winds in the HT category
The Yamarin 59HT offers completely new style, speed and comfort as a hardtop boat. The walk-through solution is perfect. The front window that opens, foldable stairs, high railings and steps in the undecked space make it easy and safe to move. The boat is very versatile. Front beds, a spare bed on the rear seat and the possibility to install a cooker on the side console make this boat an excellent choice for family use or cruises. If the rear seat is removed it is ready to use for trolling. Comfort has no competition. Large windows, good visibility, large storage compartments, high-quality equipment and great handling meet the needs of any demanding boat enthusiast.

A practical canopy as standard equipment!
This excellent canopy crowns driver and passenger comfort. It folds nicely into its compartment in the aft. The sides, back and roof can be opened allowing driving whilst standing. The aft functions as expected from Yamarin: practical decks surround the motor well. There are large anchor boxes in the bow and aft.