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Yamarin Open Console

Yamarin 42 S

The boat for leisure use

The Yamarin 42S is an excellent boat for leisure and short distances.  It is a spacious and safe quality boat.  High sides and sturdy structure make it a reliable companion on fishing trips.  It seats four persons and provides storage space for provisions under the middle bench.  The model is available in short or long transom and optional accessories include bow railing, windshield and canopy among other things.  Steel keel comes as standard ensuring heavy-duty durability.

Stable even with a full load
 42S has double hull structure and self-draining open space.  The boat is stable even with full load and easily manoeuvrable in all conditions.  A grab handle for every seated passenger is provided inside the boat as standard.  Mooring is easy and safe thanks to stainless steel bollards on both sides.

Yamarin 44 SC

For all-round boating

The Yamarin 44SC is an elegant choice for boaters looking for a safe and economical model.  The ride is comfortable and steady, fuel consumption is small and load capacity is big.  The steering console provides good protection and also windshield and railing come as standard.  The boat seats 5 adults and the middle bench accommodates a removable transport box.  The smooth bow provides ample space for different equipment, such as fishing nets for example.

Easy to move on board
.  The 44SC is a streamlined quality model with high railings enabling easy boarding from the front deck. The mid bench folds up practically making it safe to move on board the boat.

Yamarin 46 SC

Multi-purpose boating

The Yamarin 46SC has been designed as a multi-purpose boat for short distances. The spacious interior reflects the users different needs. For example, there is lots of shielded storage space. A long sideline bench is an innovative detail. With its wide body and high sides this boat works perfectly. They increase the feeling of space and safety. Handling is flawless, even in poor conditions.
Seat cushions and mug holders as standard equipment.
The Yamarin 46SC model and almost all newer Yamarin models have stylish mug holders and seat cushions as standard equipment.

Yamarin 50 SC

The fisherman's choice

The 50SC model is an excellent choice for a fisherman’s best friend.  Its seaworthiness and driving properties are impressive.  A large steering console and wide windshield provide good shelter.  A spacious chart table makes navigation easier.

Yamarin 50 TC

Sport model for quality conscious customers

The Yamarin 50TC is a boat whose design and properties have been focused towards a demanding enthusiast.  It runs fast and remains stable in all conditions thanks to the hull shape and broad planing profiles, which also diminish splashes.  Additionally, large rounded windshields offer good protection.  There are storage compartments in the bow, aft and under the side bench.

Safety railings
 - Sportiness has not been achieved at the cost of safety.  The superb railings give convenient access from the bow.  Moving around is easy, since there are many places to take hold of the railings, they extend almost to the windshield, which itself is surrounded by them.

Yamarin 50 S Special

Safety and speed for leisure time

The 50SCS is the right choice for a leisure time boating enthusiast.  It is as steady and dependable to drive as its sister model, but the flap table and long side bench in the undecked space make it more convenient.  The swimming platform is accessible through the gate in the rear seat.

Yamarin 56 SC

Stable all-round driving comfort

The new Yamarin 56 SC is a streamlined undecked boat with a large side console providing excellent shelter, because the driver's seat is in the middle.  In leisure use, the bow can be used as a loading platform, or you can have a table or a sunbathing platform in the middle of the settee group.