About Us

Who We Are

Whether you use boats every day as part of your work or you’re a fair weather sailor, it’s good to know that you can rely on someone to look after both you and your craft.

Caley Marina has been supplying and maintaining boats for people just like you for over forty years. We know a thing or two about keeping your boat serviceable and seaworthy.

You see, we don’t just sell boats.  At Caley Marina you’ll find a full range of specialist engineering services and technical support.  This means we can look after everything between the bottom of your keel and the top of your mast, inside and outside your hull.

That means rigging, outboard and inboard motors, electrical and electronic systems, heaters, anchors, woodwork, metalwork, anti-fouling, winterising, mechanical repairs and anything else you need to keep your boat ready for the upcoming season.